Watashi hacker-san desu :)

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Oh my god I can’t beleive it works! Hah! I just hack into somebody wifi connection and is using their connection to surf the internet in the comfort of my own room!!! I can’t beleive it actually works! It’s like a-a…. miracle! Wait… I can get jail for this.


~~~Do a victory dance ~~~

Okay, enough bragging 😛 Time for an ubber cool mind numbing video – Tekken 6 winter 2008 trailer. I know it’s been around quite a while but heck I just found it a few days ago. Now if you please…

Don’t forget to watch it on HQ. The epic-ness of the video can only be fully convey when watching with HQ quality X)




Wasn’t it COOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jin on a bike – not just any bike! A fricking cool looking bike with ubber jet engines that can ran through concrete and jump off fly-over and that moves faster than the bullet train!!!!! Too bad Kazuya broke the bike in half… Bad daddy! Very Bad Daddy! No wonder Jin wanted to punch that prick’s face. He deserves it.

Hehe… I bet you can tell that I’m a Jin Kazama fan-girl XP

On another note, I’ve been tinckering with my PSP lately. I’ve managed a few thing on it like installing Remotejoy and play Prinny on my 14″ laptop screen. I can also record the gameplay with Hypercam… though I’m still working on the sound. Then theres emulators. God, you wouldn’t beleive what the PSP can emulates. It’s like a multi-emulator-for multi-platform. It can emulate games from 5 consoles – GBA, Sega Genesis, NES, N64 and Atari. Though I’m only using two of the emulators for GBA and N64. How can anybody say that PSP doesn’t have enough games eludes me.

And talking about games – the PSP 2009 lineup looks downright gorgeous! Just to list the few games that I’m looking forwards are Patapon 2, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Asssassin Creed Portable and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. There’s a lot of hype about Little Big Planet PSP… but the games looks too… retarded (as somebody quoted – not me). There’s also a lot of rumor spreading about a second God of War on PSP. But I’m not keeping my hopes high.

For the NDS, the only game I’m looking forward is Kingdom hearts 358/2 days. God, how can people say that NDS is better than PSP. Not to say that NDS is not fun it’s  just get fucking annoying at times. Take the famous NDS game – ‘The world ends with you. I love that game. Cool plot and awesome OST. But the fighting system with stylus is the number one reason I almost throw the NDS across the room. The ammount of times the stupid NDS confuses dash with and attacke that requires you move the stylus horizontally… is unbeleivable. And then Mario. Not to say that Mario is not fun but… come on! There is such thing as overmilking you know. Just because it’s a famous tittle, does not mean we want to play the same thing over and over again just because it have a slightly better graphic. You know what, I prefer the original Mario games graphic better. I regretted buying NDS should have saved the money to buy a PS3! GAARRGHH!!

I love my PSP.

And I also love Jin Kazama XD


Super Duper Baggy Pants

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In the search of the latest Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep news, I keep stumbling on a comment or two that concerns Terra’s pants. At first I couldn’t understand what’s so interesting about his super duper baggy pants… then I noticed something… o_0

“Terra, dude, not to offend your style but your pants looks like something my mum wore when she’s pregnant…”

Attack of the overgrown mutated prawns

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The other day my mum and dad went out and came back with a couple of overgrown mutated prawns… er… I mean Lobsters. It was the first time I saw Lobsters in my whole life (seriously) and needless to say it was the biggest overgrown mutated prawns… er… Lobsters… I’ve ever seen.


On another note, I am officially broke. Yes, totally. My balance in both of my CIMB and Maybank account is a grand total of RM2.36. I almost regretted buying Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Daxter, Grand Thief Auto Liberty City Stories, Tokobots and Kingdom Hearts Chains of Memories. Well, almost……… X____X

And today, a certain somebody bought me ‘The Inkheart Trilogy’. Sometimes, that certain somebody makes me SO ANGRY… but sometimes he can be so sweet XD

Tsubasa RC 209

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Tsubasa RC 208 – I finished it last week but because I couldn’t post in Mangahelper I didn’t post it right away… then I was hook on to ‘The World Ends With You’ and decided that I was too ‘busy’ to upload it -_-;;

Anyway, the new chappie is here. Got the credits wrong…

Raw provided by LadyDarkmoon
Translation by Cnet128

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If there is one word that can describe me right now – it’s ecstatic. The games have arrived!!! Well half of them arrived yesterday and the rest arrived today… still waiting one final game to arrive – Tekken: Dark Resurrection. Hope can receive it this evening or early tomorrow morning.

So, the games that I own as of yesterday are Archer Maclean’s Mercury, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Wipeout Pure, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords, Burnout Legends, Every Extend Extra, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth and (soon to be) Tekken: Dark Resurrection.


A pleasant surprise, Square Enix has managed to impressed me yet again with only the cover box of its games. Ridiculous, but I tell you the cover box of FF tactics and Valkyrie is just beautiful.

As of now, I am so addicted to buying things online. It’s cheap tahap dewa and there are more games to choose from then a normal game store. Next step – Ebay. Just scouted the price for Daxter – $4.00. That’s like on RM 20+… crazyla.

Tsubasa RC 208

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Sorry so late but … meh… I was so lazy and ‘busy’. The quality is … meh.

Thanks to
LadyDarkMoon for the raws, and,
Cnet128 for the translation

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I am so addicted to Lowyat.net~

I’ve spend RM1000+ in just a week (OMG mummy! I don’t know what happened to my conscience. I think it’s on vacation) I bought an NDS, R4, Guitar Hero controller and a dozen of PSP original games. Yeehaa! Lowyat so cheep MEH!!!

8 games for a total of RM480 (that’s like 138.191 USD only). Giler bargain~

Can’t wait for to receive the games on Tuesday – definitely going to take pictures and post here.  >___<

Lowyat so cool 😀